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Keyword: beam-cooling

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MPPH059 Finite Element Analysis of Thin Beryllium Windows for a Muon Cooling Channel collider, muon, neutrino, radio-frequency 909
  • N. Hartman, J.N. Corlett, D. Li (LBNL)
TOAA001 Muon Capture and Cooling Dynamics, Capture in Solenoidal Channels (Invited) emittance, lepton 132
  • G. Penn (University of California, Berkeley)
TOAA003 Quantum Statistical Corrections to Intrabeam Scattering Rates   142
  • A. Kabel (Stanford Liner Accelerator Center)
TOAA004 Longitudinal Ionization Cooling without Wedges coupling, linear-dynamics, muon 145
  • J.S. Berg (BNL)
TPAH095 Resonance Control for the Coupled Cavity Linac and Drift Tube Linac Structures of the Spallation Neutron Source Linac Using a Closed-Loop Water Cooling System accelerator, linac, resonance, rf-structure 1429
  • R.L. Brown, J.R. Bernardin, S.NMI Brown, G.R. Bustos, M.L. Crow, W.S. Gregory, M.E. Hood, J.D. Jurney, I.O. Medalen, A.C. Owen Jr., R.E. Weiss (LANL)
WPAH015 Thermal Shock Structural Analyses of a Positron Target beam-beam-effects, civil-engineering, simulation, target 2111
  • W. Stein, A. Sunwoo (LLNL) , V.K. Bharadwaj, D.C. Schultz, J.C. Sheppard (SLAC)
RPAH078 Short-Range Wakefield in a Flat Pillbox Cavity Generated by a Sub-Relativistic Beam Bunch electromagnetic-fields, space-charge, transition radiation, wakefield 3024
  • H. Wang, J.C. Gallardo, R.B. Palmer (BNL)
RPAH093 A Pre- and Post-Processor for the ICOOL Muon Transport Code factory, muon, neutrino, software 3063
  • W.M. Fawley (LBNL)
RPAH120 Upgrading RHIC for Higher Luminosity collider, luminosity 3126
  • W.W. MacKay, I. Ben-Zvi, J.M. Brennan, M. Harrison, J. Kewisch, S. Peggs, T. Roser, D. Trbojevic (BNL) , V.V. Parkhomchuk (BINP)
RPAH301 Application of Scaling Properties of the Vlasov and Fokker-Planck Equations to Improved Macroparticle Models collective-effects, longitudinal-dynamics, simulation, space-charge 3180
  • J.A. MacLachlan (FNAL)
ROPA004 Planned New Cooler/Storage Ring Complex for Radioactive Beams and Antiprotons at GSI accumulation, antiproton, heavy-ion, storage-ring 569
  • F. Nolden, K. Beckert, P. Beller, O. Boine-Frankenheim, A. Dolinskii, B. Franzke, M. Steck, H. Weick (Gesellschaft fur Schwerionenforschung mbH)
RPPH048 Neutrino Factory based on Muon-Storage-Rings to Muon Colliders: Physics and Facilities accelerator, accelerator-theory, accumulation, collider 3335
  • Z. Parsa (BNL)
RPPH054 Status of the Cooler Synchrotron COSY Juelich accelerator, electron cooling, extraction, polarized beams 3350
  • D. Prasuhn, U. Bechstedt, J. Dietrich, R. Gebel, K. Henn, B. Lorentz, R. Maier, A. Schnase, H. Schneider, R. Stassen, H. Stockhorst, R. Tölle (Forschungszentrum Juelich)
RPPH069 The Storage Ring for Low Energy Tritons and Its Possible Application ion, storage-ring 3386
  • I. Guk, P. Gladkikh, E. Inopin, S. Kononenko, A. Mitsykov, A. Pashchenko, Yu. Peresunko, I. Shapoval, A. Shcherbakov, A. Tarasenko, A. Zelinsky (National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology")
FOAC011 Studies of the Front End of a Neutrino Factory factory, muon, neutrino 748
  • W.M. Fawley, G. Penn, A. Sessler, J.S. Wurtele (LBNL)
FPAH079 Ionization Cooling Scenario for a Neutrino Factory accelerator-theory, collider, emittance, field 3861
  • J.C. Gallardo, R.C. Fernow, R.B. Palmer (BNL) , P. Lebrun (FNAL)
FPAH080 Neutrino Factory - Ionization Cooling, Emittance Exchange, and Superbeam at BNL? accelerator-theory, beam-losses 3864
  • Z. Parsa (BNL)
FPAH081 Muon Ring Cooler for the MUCOOL Experiment magnet-design, muon, rf-structure, scattering 3867
  • V.I. Balbekov, S. Geer, N.V. Mokhov, R. Raja, Z. Usubov (FNAL)
FPAH082 Double Field Flip Cooling Channel for the Neutrino Factory emittance, muon, neutrino 3870
  • V.D. Elvira, V.I. Balbekov, P. Lebrun, J-M. Rey, P. Spentzouris (FNAL) , E.L. Black (Illinois Institute of Technology)
FPAH083 GEANT4 Simulation and Theoretical Studies of a Helical Cooling Channel emittance, muon, neutrino 3873
  • V.D. Elvira, V.I. Balbekov, P. Lebrun, P. Spentzouris (FNAL)
FPAH086 On Analog Simulation of Ionization Cooling of Muons emittance, muon, proton 3879
  • M. Xie (LBNL)
FPAH087 Optional Front End Models for the Neutrino Factory Study II longitudinal-dynamics, muon, neutrino, simulation 3882
  • Y. Fukui (University of California, Los Angeles)
FPAH088 Collisional Cooling of Negative Ion Beams energy-spread, instrumentation, ion-source, radio-frequency-quadrupole 3885
  • Y. Liu, G.D. Alton, J.R. Beene, J.F. Liang (ORNL) , H. Wollnik (Universit/aumlt Giessen) , Z. Zhou (Universität Giessen)
FPAH090 Progress in Absorber R&D 2: Windows cryogenics, ionization cooling, muon, neutrino 3888
  • D.M. Kaplan, E.L. Black, K.W. Cassel (Illinois Institute of Technology) , S. Geer, M. Popovic (FNAL) , S. Ishimoto, K. Yoshimura (KEK) , L. Bandura, M.A. Cummings, A. Dyshkant, D. Hedin, D. Kubik (Northern Illinois University) , C. Darve (Northwestern University) , Y. Kuno (Osaka University) , D. Errede, M. Haney, S. Majewski (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign) , M. Reep, D. Summers (University of Mississippi)
FPAH093 Characteristics of Electron-Cooled Bunched Beams Predicted by a Simulation bunching, instability, simulation, space-charge 3897
  • M. Takanaka (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research [RIKEN])