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Title Fast Glitch Detection of Coupled Bunch Instabilities and Orbit Motions
  • W.X. Cheng, B. Bacha, K. Ha, Y. Li
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
Abstract During high current operation at NSLS-II storage ring, vertical beam size spikes have been noticed. The spikes are believed due to ion instability associates with vacuum activities localized in the ring. A new tool has been developed using gated BPM turn-by-turn (TBT) data to detect beam centroid glitches. When one turn orbit deviates outside the predefined window, a global event will be generated. This allows synchronized data acquisition of TBT beam positions around the ring. Bunch by bunch data is acquired at the same time to analyze the possible coupled bunch instabilities (CBI). Besides CBI mainly due to ion bursts, fast orbit glitches have been captured with the new tool. Sources of the glitches can be identified.
Funding Work supported by DOE contract No: DE-SC0012704
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Conference IPAC2018, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Series International Particle Accelerator Conference (9th)
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Session MC6 Poster Session
Date 02-May-18   09:00–12:00
Main Classification 06 Beam Instrumentation, Controls, Feedback, and Operational Aspects
Sub Classification T03 Beam Diagnostics and Instrumentation
Keywords feedback, vacuum, storage-ring, injection, operation
Publisher JACoW Publishing, Geneva, Switzerland
Editors Shane Koscielniak (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC, Canada); Todd Satogata (JLab, Newport News, VA, USA); Volker RW Schaa (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany); Jana Thomson (TRIUMF, Vancouver, BC, Canada)
ISBN 978-3-95450-184-7
Published June 2018
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