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RIS citation export for TUPAB124: Development of the Manufacturing and QA Processes for the Magnetic Modules of the LCLS-II Soft X-Ray Undulators

AU - Ray, K.L.
AU - Arbelaez, D.
AU - Band, A.J.
AU - Bianculli, D.
AU - Brown, A.P.
AU - Bruch, D.E.
AU - Callen, A.L.
AU - Corlett, J.N.
AU - DeMello, A.J.
AU - Dougherty, J.R.
AU - Garcia Fajardo, L.
AU - Hanzel, K.
AU - Humphries, D.E.
AU - Janša, G.
AU - Jung, J.-Y.
AU - Leitner, D.
AU - Leitner, M.
AU - Marks, S.
AU - Martinez-Galarce, D.S.
AU - McCombs, K.A.
AU - Munson, D.V.
AU - Nuhn, H.-D.
AU - Ortiz, E.
AU - Oven, Ž.
AU - Rowen, M.
AU - Sadlier, D.A.
AU - Schlueter, D.
AU - Wallén, E.J.
AU - Waring, V.
AU - Wolf, Z.R.
AU - Zikmund, A.
ED - Schaa, Volker RW
ED - Arduini, Gianluigi
ED - Pranke, Juliana
ED - Seidel, Mike
ED - Lindroos, Mats
TI - Development of the Manufacturing and QA Processes for the Magnetic Modules of the LCLS-II Soft X-Ray Undulators
J2 - Proc. of IPAC2017, Copenhagen, Denmark, 14–19 May, 2017
C1 - Copenhagen, Denmark
T2 - International Particle Accelerator Conference
T3 - 8
LA - english
AB - A new free electron laser being built at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, the Linear Coherent Light Source II (LCLS-II), will use 21 soft x-ray undulators (SXR) and 32 hard x-ray undulators (HGVPU). Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) is responsible for the design and manufacturing of all variable-gap, hybrid permanent-magnet undulators. The physics requirements for the undulators specify a longitudinal pole misalignment maximum rms error of 25 μm and a vertical pole misalignment maximum error of 50 μm. In addition, magnet positioning critically influences the gap-dependent field properties due to saturation effects at the smallest operational gaps. This paper discusses the manufacturing and QA methods developed to carefully control the longitudinal and vertical pole and magnet positions during undulator production. Inspection results are discussed based on data gathered during construction of a prototype as well as pre-production soft x-ray undulator.
CP - Geneva, Switzerland
SP - 1609
EP - 1611
KW - undulator
KW - simulation
KW - status
KW - laser
KW - free-electron-laser
DA - 2017/05
PY - 2017
SN - 978-3-95450-182-3
DO - 10.18429/JACoW-IPAC2017-TUPAB124
UR - http://jacow.org/ipac2017/papers/tupab124.pdf
ER -