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Title AWAKE Proton Beam Commissioning
  • J.S. Schmidt, D. Barrientos, M. Barros Marin, B. Biskup, A. Boccardi, T.B. Bogey, T. Bohl, C. Bracco, S. Cettour Cave, H. Damerau, V. Fedosseev, F. Friebel, S.J. Gessner, A. Goldblatt, E. Gschwendtner, L.K. Jensen, V. Kain, T. Lefèvre, S. Mazzoni, J.C. Molendijk, A. Pardons, C. Pasquino, S.F. Rey, H. Vincke, U. Wehrle
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • J.T. Moody
    MPI-P, München, Germany
  • K. Rieger
    MPI, Muenchen, Germany
Abstract AWAKE will be the first proton driven plasma wakefield acceleration experiment worldwide. The facility is located in the former CNGS area at CERN and will include a proton, laser and electron beam line merging in a 10 m long plasma cell, which is followed by the experimental diagnostics. In the first phase of the AWAKE physics program, which started at the end of 2016, the effect of the plasma on a high energy proton beam will be studied. A proton bunch is expected to experience the so called self-modulation instability, which leads to the creation of micro-bunches within the long proton bunch. The plasma channel is created in a rubidium vapor via field ionization by a TW laser pulse. This laser beam has to overlap with the proton beam over the full length of the plasma cell, resulting in tight requirements for the stability of the proton beam at the plasma cell in the order of ~ 0.1 mm. In this paper the beam commissioning results of the ~810 m long transfer line for proton bunches with 3·10¹¹ protons/bunch and a momentum of 400 GeV/c will be presented with a focus on the challenges of the parallel operation of the laser and proton beam.
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Conference IPAC2017, Copenhagen, Denmark
Series International Particle Accelerator Conference (8th)
Proceedings Link to full IPAC2017 Proccedings
Session Posters Tuesday 2
Date 16-May-17   16:00–18:00
Main Classification 03 Novel Particle Sources and Acceleration Techniques
Sub Classification A22 Plasma Wakefield Acceleration
Keywords proton, plasma, laser, alignment, experiment
Publisher JACoW, Geneva, Switzerland
Editors Volker RW Schaa (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany); Gianluigi Arduini (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland); Juliana Pranke (ESS, Lund, Sweden); Mike Seidel (PSI, Villigen, Switzerland); Mats Lindroos (ESS, Lund, Sweden)
ISBN 978-3-95450-182-3
Published May 2017
Copyright © 2017 by JACoW, Geneva, Switzerland     CC-BY Creative Commons License
cc Creative Commons Attribution 3.0