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Title Beam-Based Alignment Studies at CTF3 Using the Octupole Component of CLIC Accelerating Structures
  • J. Ögren, A.K. Bhattacharyya, M. Holz, R.J.M.Y. Ruber, V.G. Ziemann
    Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
  • W. Farabolini
    CEA/DSM/IRFU, France
Abstract The Compact Linear Collider (CLIC) uses normal-conducting accelerating structures that are sensitive to wakefield effects and therefore their alignment is extremely important. Due to the four-fold symmetry of the structures, they allow for an octupole component of the rf fields. By scanning the beam transversely we can determine the center of the structures from the shifts in beam position due to the kicks from the octupole field. We present some initial results from measurements at the CLIC test facility 3 at CERN.
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Conference IPAC2017, Copenhagen, Denmark
Series International Particle Accelerator Conference (8th)
Proceedings Link to full IPAC2017 Proccedings
Session Posters Monday 1
Date 15-May-17   16:00–18:00
Main Classification 06 Beam Instrumentation, Controls, Feedback and Operational Aspects
Sub Classification T03 Beam Diagnostics and Instrumentation
Keywords octupole, wakefield, experiment, alignment, collider
Publisher JACoW, Geneva, Switzerland
Editors Volker RW Schaa (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany); Gianluigi Arduini (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland); Juliana Pranke (ESS, Lund, Sweden); Mike Seidel (PSI, Villigen, Switzerland); Mats Lindroos (ESS, Lund, Sweden)
ISBN 978-3-95450-182-3
Published May 2017
Copyright © 2017 by JACoW, Geneva, Switzerland     CC-BY Creative Commons License
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