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Title How Low-Cost Devices Can Help on the Way to ALICE Upgrade
  • O. Pinazza
    INFN-Bologna, Bologna, Italy
  • A. Augustinus, P.M. Bond, P.Ch. Chochula, A.N. Kurepin, M. Lechman, J.L. LÃ¥ng, O. Pinazza
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  • A.N. Kurepin
    RAS/INR, Moscow, Russia
Abstract The ambitious upgrade plan of the ALICE experiment expects a complete redesign of its data flow after the LHC shutdown scheduled for 2019, for which new electronics modules are being developed in the collaborating institutes. Access to prototypes is at present very limited and full scale prototypes are expected only close to the installation date. To overcome the lack of realistic HW, the ALICE DCS team built small-scale prototypes based on low-cost commercial components (Arduino, Raspberry PI), equipped with environmental sensors, and installed in the experiment areas around and inside the ALICE detector. Communication and control software was developed, based on the architecture proposed for the future detectors, including CERN JCOP FW and ETM WINCC OA. Data provided by the prototypes has been recorded for several months, in presence of beam and magnetic field. The challenge of the harsh environment revealed some insurmountable weaknesses, thus excluding this class of devices from usage in a production setup. They did prove, however, to be robust enough for test purposes, and are still a realistic test-bed for developers while the production of final electronics is continuing.
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Conference ICALEPCS2017, Barcelona, Spain
Series International Conference on Accelerator and Large Experimental Control Systems (16th)
Proceedings Link to full ICALEPCS2017 Proccedings
Session Control System Upgrades
Date 09-Oct-17   16:15–18:00
Main Classification Control Systems Upgrades
Keywords ion, experiment, controls, electron, monitoring
Publisher JACoW, Geneva, Switzerland
Editors Volker RW Schaa (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany); Isidre Costa (ALBA-CELLS, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain); David Fernández (ALBA-CELLS, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain); Óscar Matilla (ALBA-CELLS, Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain)
ISBN 978-3-95450-193-9
Published January 2018
Copyright © 2018 by JACoW, Geneva, Switzerland     CC-BY Creative Commons License
cc Creative Commons Attribution 3.0