Keyword: low-level-rf
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MOPB020 LLRF System Improvement for HLS Linac Upgrade linac, controls, LLRF, feedback 213
  • G. Huang, D. Jia, K. Jin, H. Lin, Weishi, Zhou. Zhou
    USTC/NSRL, Hefei, Anhui, People's Republic of China
  • Y. Liu
    USTC, Hefei, Anhui, People's Republic of China
  Funding: supported by NSFC-CAS Joint Fund, contract no. 11079034
The linac beam energy will be upgraded from 200 MeV to 800 MeV, in order to realize the full-energy injection of storage ring at Hefei Light Source. This paper introduces the improvement of linac LLRF system, which is composed of phase reference and driver signal transmission and distribution, auto-phasing system, phase reversal device for SLED. the LLRF prototype has been constructed, and the test results is described in the paper.