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THPB017 A Concept: 8GeV CW Linac, Staged Approach linac, rfq, injection, proton 885
  • M. Popovic, J.-F. Ostiguy
    Fermilab, Batavia, USA
  This note describes a concept of CW Proton Linac on the Fermilab site. With exception of RFQ the linac is based on superconducting technology. Based on the output, energy is segmented in three parts, 1GeV, 3GeV and 8GeV. It is located near existing Fermilab Proton Source with the intention that each section of the linac can be used as soon as it is commissioned. The whole design is based on the designs suggested for the Proton Driver and ProjectX. The suggested site and linac segmentation allows for the construction to start immediately. Additional benefits come from the fact that the present linac (the oldest machine in Fermilab complex) is replaced and existing Proton Source’s functionality is preserved for the future.  
THPB069 Beam Dynamics Studies for SRF Photoinjectors emittance, gun, cavity, SRF 999
  • T. Kamps, A. Neumann, J. Völker
    HZB, Berlin, Germany
  The SRF photoinjector combines the advantages of photo-assisted production of high brightness, short electron pulses and high gradient, low-loss continuous wave (CW) operation of a superconducting radiofrequency (SRF) cavity. The paper discusses beam dynamics considerations for FEL and ERL class applications of SRF photoinjectors. One case of particular interest is the design of the SRF photoinjector for BERLinPro, an ERL test facility demanding a high brightness beam with an emittance better than 1 mm mrad at 77 pC and average current of 100 mA.