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THPB016 Concept: Low Energy, Low Intensity NF from ProjectX linac, target, proton, extraction 882
  • M. Popovic
    Fermilab, Batavia, USA
  This note describes the concept of a Low Luminosity Low Energy Neutrino Factory (L3ENF) using a Project X pulsed, or CW, Linac at 8GeV. By collecting pis and mus with energy ~1 GeV, and accelerating them to 10 GeV, it is possible to store ~1020 mus per year. Most of the concepts suggested here can be tested using the Booster beam, Recycler, Antiproton Target Station, the Main Injector and the Tevatron. Once the VLENF Muon Storage Ring is built, components needed for L3ENF could be used in experiments before Project X completion.