Author: Zennaro, R.
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TUPB009 C-Band Accelerating Structure Development and Tests for the SwissFEL 492
  • R. Zennaro, J. Alex, H. Blumer, M. Bopp, A. Citterio, T. Kleeb, L. Paly, J.-Y. Raguin
    PSI, Villigen, Switzerland
  SwissFEL requires a 5.8 GeV beam provided by a C-band linac consisting of 104 two-meter accelerating structures. Each structure is of the constant gradient type and is composed of 113 cups. The cup shape is double-rounded to increase the quality factor. No tuning feature is implemented. For this reason ultra-precise turning is exploited. A strong R&D program has been launched on structure fabrication, which will be followed by a future technology transfer to a commercial company. The program includes the production and test of short structures that can be brazed in the existing PSI vacuum oven and will be completed with the production of the full two-meter prototype once the new full scale brazing oven, presently under construction, is operational. The status of the R&D program, including the production and power test results of the first two test structures, is reported here.