Author: Yuan, Y.J.
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TUPB043 One Design of Heavy Ion Linac Injector for CSRm 573
  • X.H. Zhang, J.W. Xia, Y.J. Yuan
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  The design of heavy ion linac as one new injector of the main Cooling Storage Ring (CSRm) has been discussed. The linac design is based on interdigital H mode drift tube with KONUS (Kombinierte Null Grad Struktur). A high acceleration rate with zero degree synchronous particle phase acceleration reduce the length of IH-KONUS linac and the cost in comparison with conventional linac based on Alvarez structure. To reduce the effect of emittance growth, the RFQ structure is used in front of the IH-KONUS linac. In this linac, the design particle 238U28+ will be accelerated to 7 AMeV, and the transmission of Uranium beam can reach up to 80%. In this report, the initial physics design of the main linac is presented.