Author: Xiong, P.R.
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TUPB055 R&D of IMP Superconducting HWR for China ADS 600
  • W.M. Yue, X.L. Guo, S. He, Y. He, R.X. Wang, P.R. Xiong, M.X. Xu, B. Zhang, C. Zhang, S.H. Zhang, S.X. Zhang, H.W. Zhao
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  The R&D program of IMP superconducting HWR is based on the China ADS, The aim is to build and test a HWR prototype on December 2012. We have designed a 162.5 MHz β=0.09 half-wave resonator (HWR), and a copper HWR has been fabricated in January 2012. The fabrication of a Nb HWR will be completed by September 2012, and the fabrication of a slow tuner and a high power coupler for this HWR will be completed then. In this poster, we present the HWR electromagnetic design, mechanical design, fabrication arts, copper HWR RF test result, the design of the slow tuner and the power coupler.