Author: Tang, J.Y.
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TUPB075 Beam Dynamics Design of China ADS Proton Linac 648
  • Z. Li, P. Cheng, H. Geng, Z. Guo, C. Meng, B. Sun, J.Y. Tang, F. Yan
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Funding: Supported by China ADS Program(XDA03020000), National Natural Science Fundation of China (10875099) and IHEP Special Fundings(Y0515550U1)
It is widely accepted that the Accelerator Driven System (ADS) is one of the most promising technical approach to solve the problem of the nuclear wastes, a potential threaten to the sustainable development of the nuclear fission energy. An ADS study program is approved by Chinese Academy of Sciences at 2011, which aims to design and built an ADS demonstration facility with the capability of more than 1000 MW thermal power within the following 25 years. The 15 MW driver accelerator will be designed and constructed by the Institute of High Energy Physics(IHEP) and Institute of Modern Physics(IMP) of China Academy of Sciences. This linac is characterized by the 1.5 GeV energy, 10mA current and CW operation. It is composed by two parallel 10 MeV injectors and a main linac integrated with fault tolerance design. The superconducting acceleration structures are employed except the RFQ. In this paper the general considerations and the beam dynamics design of the driver accelerator will be presented.
THPB024 Main Linac Physics Design Study of the C-ADS Project 900
  • F. Yan, Z. Li, C. Meng, J.Y. Tang
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Funding: The pilot special funds of Chinese Academy of Science
The Chinese ADS project is proposed to build a 1000MW Accelerator Driven sub-critical System before 2032. The accelerator will be operating on CW mode with 10mA average current and the final energy is 1.5GeV. The whole linac are composed of two major sections: the Injector section and the main linac section. There are two different schemes for the Injector section. InjectorI is basing on 325MHz RFQ and superconducting spoke cavities and Injector II is basing on 162.5MHz RFQ and superconducting HWR cavities. The main linac design will be different for different Injector choice. If Injector II scheme is adopted, the main linac bunch current will be doubled. In this paper we studied the main linac design basing on InjectorII scheme. The design principles and the priliminary design results is presented.