Author: Tanaka, H.
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TUPB099 Input Coupler of the J-PARC DTL 690
  • F. Naito, K. Nanmo, H. Tanaka
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  • K. Hirano, T. Ito
    JAEA/J-PARC, Tokai-mura, Japan
  Each tank of J-PARC DTL has two input couplers. The coupler has a movable coupling loop with an capacitive element which increase the coupling with the tank. The loop position is the outside of the tank, where is the atmosphere. The tank vacuum is kept by the ceramic window on the wall for the coupler port. The ceramic is made of Aluminum oxide of 99.7 % purity. RF properties and the mechanical structure of the coupler were designed adequately in order to achieve the desired performance. We will report the design of the coupler in detail and the experiences for the practical operation of the DTL.