Author: Sun, Y.-E.
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Electron Beam Current-profile Shaping via Transverse-to-longitudinal Phase-space Exchange  
  • Y.-E. Sun
    Fermilab, Batavia, USA
  Tunable subpicosecond electron bunch trains are experimentally demonstrated at the A0 photoinjector at Fermilab. In this talk, we report our experiment on electron beam current-profile shaping using a transverse-to-longitudinal phase-space exchange technique. An initial beam consisting of a set of horizontally-separated beamlets passes through a beamline that exchanges the horizontal and longitudinal phase spaces, thus the beam is converted into a train of bunches temporally separated with tunable bunch duration and separation. By choosing proper initial horizontal density profiles, other types of beam current-profile shaping are possible, such as the preferred triangle-shape in wake field acceleration experiments.  
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