Author: Sobenin, N.P.
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TUPB023 The Optimization of RF Deflector Input Power Coupler 528
  • A.Yu. Smirnov, O.A. Adonev, P.V. Binyukov, N.P. Sobenin
    MEPhI, Moscow, Russia
  This paper concerns the investigation of different types of input power cell for S-band RF electron deflector. This device serving for slice emittance diagnostics is a disc-loaded waveguide which operates with TE11-like wave in traveling wave regime with 120 deg phase shift per cell. Since this deflector meets the restriction on its length and has to provide high enough deflecting potential to a particle during its flight time it is significant to increase the transversal field strength in coupling cell or to shorten it so that the deflecting potential remains constant. The total structure consists of 14 regular cells and two couplers. As it is now all cells have the same length equal to D=33.34 mm and the field in couplers is lower than that of regular cells. In this paper different length are considered and numerically simulated in order to choose the best one.