Author: Shanks, R.W.
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MOPB033 High Power Coupler Test for TRIUMF E-linac SC Cavities 246
  • A.K. Mitra, Z.T. Ang, S. Calic, P.R. Harmer, S.R. Koscielniak, R.E. Laxdal, W.R. Rawnsley, R.W. Shanks
    TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada
  TRIUMF has been funded to build an electron linac with a final energy of 50 MeV and 500 kW beam power using TESLA type 9 cell superconducting cavities operating at 1.3 GHz at 2 Kelvin. The e-linac consists of an electron gun, buncher cavity, injector cryomodule, and two main-linac cryomodules. The injector module has one 9-cell cavity whereas each of the accelerating main-linac cryomodules contains two 9-cell cavities. It is scheduled to install the injector and one main accelerating cryomodule by 2014. Six power couplers, each rated for 60 kW cw, have been procured for three cavities. The injector cryomodule will be fed by a 30 kW cw inductive Output Tube (IOT) and the accelerating cryomodule will be powered by a 290 kW cw klystron. In order to install the power couplers in the cavities, they are to be assembled and conditioned with high power rf source. A power coupler test station has been built and tests of two power couplers have began. A 30 kW IOT has been commissioned to full output power and it will be used for the power coupler test. In this paper, test results of the rf conditioning of the power couplers under pulse and cw mode will be described.