Author: Savilov, A.V.
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THPB096 High-power Sources of RF Radiation Driven by Periodic Laser Pulses 1044
  • S.V. Kuzikov, A.V. Savilov
    IAP/RAS, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  • S.V. Kuzikov
    Omega-P, Inc., New Haven, USA
  Funding: Supported in part by DoE USA.
A fast, periodic modulation of electron RF sources can be carried out in a form of Q-factor switching by means of fast RF switches, or in a form of I-switching by means of the bunched electron beam. If modulation frequency equals to time which is necessary for RF radiation to travel along the cavity and to come back, the RF oscillator can produce periodic, giant, short pulses which are desirable for many applications in order to avoid a breakdown. The produced RF pulses are phase and frequency locked by modulation shape. The mentioned effects of the phase and frequency locking remain also possible for RF sources operated in a single-mode regime. In last case the modulation frequency should be close to natural single-mode oscillation frequency. For example, one might control operation of a BWO by means of a small periodical modulation of the electron voltage in a drift section in-between a cathode and the corrugated interaction section. The necessary voltage modulation can be provided by means of a DC generator those voltage due to a photoconductivity is externally modulated with definite frequency by laser which irradiates GaAs isolator inserted in-between the electrodes.