Author: Samoshin, A.V.
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TUPB069 BEAMDULAC-SCL Code for Complex Approach of Beam Dynamic Investigation in SC LINAC 630
  • A.V. Samoshin
    MEPhI, Moscow, Russia
  Periodic sequences of independently phased accelerating cavities and focusing solenoids are used in MeV and GeV energy range linacs. The beam dynamic investigation is difficult for such superconducting linear accelerator. The matrix calculation was preferably used for primary choused of accelerating structure parameters. This method does not allows properly investigate the longitudinal motion. The smooth approximation can be used to investigate the nonlinear ion beam dynamics in such accelerating structure and to calculate longitudinal and transverse acceptances. The potential function and the equation of motion in the Hamilton form are devised by the smooth approximation. The advantages and disadvantages of each method will describe, the results of investigation will compare. The user friendly software BEAMDULAC-SCL for ion beam dynamic analysis was created. A numerical simulation of beam dynamics in the real field are carried out for the different variants of the accelerator structure based on previously analytically obtained results.  
TUPB070 Development of Proton Therapy at the SC Linac with BEAMDULAC-SCL Code 633
  • A.V. Samoshin, S.M. Polozov
    MEPhI, Moscow, Russia
  Proton cancer therapy complexes are conventionally developing based on synchrotrons and cyclotrons. High electrical power consumption and especial devices necessary to energy variation (as slow extraction systems and degraders) are the main problems of such complexes. At once SC linacs based on short independently phased quarter and half wave cavities have a serious progress at present. Linear accelerator consumes less power comparably with cyclic and the energy variation can be easily realized by means of RF field amplitude and phase variation in a number of cavities. The accelerator’s modular configuration which is now widely used in FRIBs * or SNSs can be applied for therapy linac also (see for example **). It is possible to choose the SC linac parameters and proton and ion beams stability study with help of the BEAMDULAC-SCL code. This software also allows providing of the structure optimization and the beam dynamics control.
* P.N. Ostroumov and et al., Proc. of PAC2001, p.4080.
** C.Ronsivalle et al. Proc. of IPAC 2011, p. 3580.