Author: Sacharias, J.
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TUPB049 Superconducting Low Beta Niobium Resonator for Heavy Ions 588
  • P.N. Prakash, K.K. Mistri, A. Roy, J. Sacharias, S.S. Sonti
    IUAC, New Delhi, India
  For the high current injector at Inter-University Accelerator Centre, a new superconducting niobium resonator optimized for β = 0.05 operating at 97 MHz, has been designed and fabricated. This resonator has the highest frequency in its class among the superconducting structures designed for such low velocity particles. The resonator has been carefully modeled using Microwave Studio code to minimize the peak magnetic field in order to achieve high accelerating gradients in it. Even though the resonance frequency is high, the physical dimensions of the resonator are large enough to allow processing of its superconducting surface effectively. The mechanical design of the resonator has been modeled using ANSYS multiphysics to increase the frequency of the lowest mechanical eigenmode of the central co-axial line, and also reduce liquid helium induced pressure fluctuations in the resonator. Bead pull measurements have been performed on the niobium resonator and they match with the design values very well. Cold tests at 4.2 K will be performed in the next few weeks. This paper will briefly present the design of the low beta resonator and details of the results from the cold tests.