Author: Rodnizki, J.
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MO1A01 Operational Experience and Future Goals of the SARAF Linac at SOREQ 100
  • D. Berkovits, A. Arenshtam, Y. Ben Aliz, Y. Buzaglo, O. Dudovich, Y. Eisen, I. Eliyahu, G. Feinberg, I. Fishman, I. Gavish, I.G. Gertz, A. Grin, S. Halfon, D. Har-Even, Y.F. Haruvy, T. Hirsch, D. Hirschmann, Z. Horvitz, B. Kaizer, D. Kijel, A. Kreisel, G. Lempert, J. Luner, I. Mardor, A. Perry, E. Reinfeld, J. Rodnizki, G. Shimel, A. Shor, I. Silverman, L. Weissman, E. Zemach
    Soreq NRC, Yavne, Israel
  SARAF-phase 1 at SOREQ, with its single 6 half-wave resonators cryomodule, is the first high current, superconducting low-beta linac in operation and it is presently delivering cw proton beams in the mA range. A phase 2 is foreseen for this linac which will allow acceleration up to 40 MeV of 2 mA cw proton and deuteron beams. The project status, the operational experience and the future goals of SARAF should be described.  
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FR1A05 SARAF Phase II P/D 40 MeV Linac Design Studies 1064
  • P.N. Ostroumov, Z.A. Conway, M.P. Kelly, A. Kolomiets, S.V. Kutsaev, B. Mustapha
    ANL, Argonne, USA
  • J. Rodnizki
    Soreq NRC, Yavne, Israel
  Funding: This work was supported by the ANL WFO No. 85Y47
The Soreq NRC initiated the establishment of SARAF – Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility. SARAF will be a multi-user facility for basic research, e.g., nuclear astrophysics, radioactive beams, medical and biological research; neutron based non-destructive testing (using a thermal neutron camera and a neutron diffractometer) and radio-pharmaceuticals research, development and production. The SARAF continuous wave (CW) accelerator is planned to produce variable energy (5-40 MeV) proton and deuteron beam currents (0.04-5 mA). Phase I of SARAF (ion source, radio-frequency quadrupole (RFQ), and one cryomodule housing 6 half-wave resonators (HWR) was installed and being operated at Soreq NRC delivering CW 1mA 3.5 MeV proton beams and low-duty cycle (0.0001) 0.3 mA 4.7 MeV deuteron beams. SARAF is designed to enable hands-on maintenance, which implies very low beam losses for the entire accelerator. The physics design of two options is explored to subsequently develop a conceptual design for selected option for extending the linac to its planned beam parameters (SARAF Phase-II: 40 MeV, 5 mA protons and deuterons).
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