Author: Pinhasi, Y.
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TUPB014 Comparative Design of Single Pass, Photo-cathode RF-LINAC FEL for the THz Frequency Range: Self Amplification vs. Enhanced Super-radiance 507
  • Yu. Lurie, Y. Pinhasi
    Ariel University Center of Samaria, Faculty of Engineering, Ariel, Israel
  Self amplified spontaneous emission and enhanced super-radiance are discussed and compared as possible configurations in the construction of a single-pass, photo-cathode RF-LINAC FEL source for THz radiation, being developed in Ariel University Center of Samaria. Numerical simulations carried out using 3D, space-frequency approach demonstrate the charge squared dependence of the radiation power in both cases, the characteristic typical to super-radiant emission. The comparison reveals a high efficiency of an enhanced super-radiance FEL, which however can only be achieved with ultra-short (the radiation wavelength long or shorter) drive electron beam bunches at a proper energy chirping.