Author: Oh, J.-S.
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MOPB049 Design of Compact C-Band Standing-Wave Accelerator for Medical Radiotherapy 285
  • H. Yang, M.-H. Cho, W. Namkung
    POSTECH, Pohang, Kyungbuk, Republic of Korea
  • S.H. Kim
    ANL, Argonne, USA
  • J.-S. Oh
    NFRI, Daejon, Republic of Korea
  Funding: Work supported by POSTECH Physics BK21 Program.
We design a C-band standing-wave accelerator for an X-ray and electron source of medical radiotherapy. The accelerator system is operated two modes, using the X-ray and electron beams. Since two modes require different energy, the accelerator is capable of producing 6-MeV, 100-mA pulsed electron beams with peak 2-MW RF power, and 7.5-MeV, 50 mA electron beams with peak 2.5-MW RF power. The beam is focused by less than 1 mm without external magnets. The accelerating structure is a bi-periodic and on-axis-coupled structure with a built-in bunching section, which consists of 3 bunching cells, 14 normal cells and a coupling cell. It is operated with the π/2-mode standing-wave. The bunching cells are designed to enhance the RF phase focusing. Each cavity is designed by the MWS code within 3% inter-cell coupling. In this paper, we present design details of RF cavities and the beam dynamics.