Author: Neilson, J.
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High-Field Short-Period Microwave Undulators  
  • J. Neilson
    SLAC, Menlo Park, California, USA
  Inspired by recent developments in low-loss overmoded components and systems for ultra-high power RF systems, we explored several overmoded waveguide systems that could function as RF undulators. One promising structure is a corrugated waveguide system operating using the balanced hybrid HE11 mode. Initial calculations indicate that such a system can be operated at relatively low power levels while obtaining large values for the undulator parameters K~1. RF surface fields are typically low enough to permit superconducting operation. This technology can realize an undulator with short wavelengths and gives dynamic control of the undulator parameters including polarization. The scaling laws are verified through simulations and experimental data. The single electron dynamics, for both linearly polarized and circularly polarized (CP) standing wave undulator synthesized from this corrugated waveguide, will be presented. We will present our optimization strategy for such a geometry which not only need to taper the field profile but also have to maintain low losses and low surface fields.  
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