Author: Moody, N.A.
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First Electron Beam Operation of the LANL NCRF Photoinjector  
  • N.A. Moody
    LANL, Los Alamos, New Mexico, USA
  The first ever photoelectron beam from LANL's cw normal-conducting radio-frequency (NCRF) injector has been observed. The NCRF injector at Los Alamos has produced its first continuous-wave photoelectron beam at energy up to 2 MeV and average current of a few mA. Accelerating gradients up to 10 MV/m at the cathode were confirmed with end-point x-ray energy measurements. The photoelectron beams were produced using both a continuous-wave blue laser diode and a cw modelocked green laser irradiating thin films of CsK2Sb photocathodes deposited on a copper substrate. Both photocurrent and dark current were measured via a calibrated wall-current monitor, sensitive to a few μA levels. Preparation of CsK2Sb photocathodes using chemical vapour deposition in an ultrahigh vacuum chamber and photocathode transfer to the NCRF injector will be described. We will also show the importance of the RF contact between the photocathode plug and the NCRF injector backplate for successful cw operation at high power.  
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