Author: Ma, L.Z.
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THPB079 Development of a Superconducting Focusing Solenoid for CADS 1011
  • W. Wu, S.F. Han, Y. He, L.Z. Ma, D.S. Ni, Z.J. Wang, B.M. Wu, W.J. Yang, X.L. Yang, S.J. Zheng, L. Zhu
    IMP, Lanzhou, People's Republic of China
  A superconducting focusing solenoid has been designed and developed for the China Accelerator Driven System (CADS). In order to meet the requirement of focusing strength and fringe field while minimizing physical size of the solenoid, the novel optimizing design method based on linear programming method was employed. In this report, we will introduce the design of the solenoid including magnetic field optimization, mechanical design and quench protection. The fabrication and the test results of the solenoid will also be introduced in this report.