Author: Li, X.
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MOPLB04 A 10 MeV L-band Linac for Irradiation Applications in China 147
  • G. Pei, Y.L. Chi, M.H. Dai, D.Y. He, X. He, X. Li, J. Liu, C. Ma, X. Wang, C.H. Yu, F. Zhao, J. Zhao, Z.S. Zhou
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  • Y. Feng, H. Huang, S. Shi, E. Tang, X. Yang, Q. Yuan, Z. Zhu
    Institute of High Energy Physics (IHEP), People's Republic of China
  • Z. Li, X. Zhang
    Wuxi EL PONT Radiation Technology Ltd, Wuxi, People's Republic of China
  The electron linear accelerator has wide applications, and the demands are keeping growing for the irradiation applications in China. A high beam power 10 MeV L-band Linac has been developed recently as a joint venture of Institute of High Energy Physics and EL-PONT Company. The Thales TH2104U klystron, 3 A thermionic electron gun and three meter L-band disk-loaded constant impedance RF structure are adopted. A stable electron beam of 10 MeV, 40 kW has been obtained in the last May with a microwave to beam efficiency of about 65%. In this paper we will present the detailed design issues and beam commissioning.  
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