Author: Le Coz, W.
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TUPB029 Beam Intensity and Energy Control for the SPIRAL2 Facility 537
  • C. Jamet, T. André, C. Doutresssoulles, B. Ducoudret, W. Le Coz, G. Ledu, S.L. Leloir, S. Loret
    GANIL, Caen, France
  The first part of the SPIRAL2 facility, which entered last year in the construction phase at GANIL in France, consists of an ion source, a deuteron and a proton source, a RFQ and a superconducting linear accelerator delivering high intensity, up to 5mA and 40 MeV for the deuteron beams. Diagnostic developments have been done to control the intensity and the beam energy by non-interceptive methods at the linac exit. The beam current is measured by using couples of ACCT-DCCT installed along the lines and the beam energy by using a time of flight device. This paper gives explanations about the technical solutions, the results and resolutions for measuring and controlling the beam.