Author: Koveshnikov, A.
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MOPB091 The Injector Cryomodule for the ARIEL e-Linac at TRIUMF 389
  • R.E. Laxdal, A. Koveshnikov, N. Muller, W.R. Rawnsley, G. Stanford, V. Zvyagintsev
    TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada
  • M. Ahammed, M. Mondrel
    VECC, Kolkata, India
  The ARIEL project at TRIUMF includes a 50 MeV-10 mA electron linear accelerator (e-Linac) using 1.3 GHz superconducting technology. The accelerator is divided into three cryomodules including a single cavity injector cryomodule (ICM) and two accelerating cryomodules with two cavities each. The ICM is being built first. The ICM utilizes a unique top-loading box vacuum vessel. The shape allows the addition of a 4 K/2 K cryogenic unit that accepts near atmospheric LHe and converts to 2 K liquid inside the cryomodule. The cryomodule design is complete and in fabrication. The 4 K/2 K cryogenic unit has been assembled and tested in a test cryostat. The paper will describe the design of the cryomodule and the results of the cryogenic tests.  
WE1A04 The ARIEL Superconducting Electron Linac 729
  • S.R. Koscielniak, F. Ames, R.A. Baartman, I.V. Bylinskii, Y.-C. Chao, D. Dale, R.J. Dawson, E.R. Guetre, N. Khan, A. Koveshnikov, A. Laxdal, R.E. Laxdal, F. Mammarella, M. Marchetto, L. Merminga, A.K. Mitra, T. Planche, Y.-N. Rao, A. Sitnikov, V.A. Verzilov, D. Yosifov, V. Zvyagintsev
    TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada
  • D. Karlen, R.R. Langstaff
    Victoria University, Victoria, B.C., Canada
  The TRIUMF Advanced Rare Isotope Laboratory (ARIEL) is funded since 2010 June by federal and BC Provincial governments. In collaboration with the University of Victoria, TRIUMF is proceeding with construction of a new target building, connecting tunnel, rehabilitation of an existing vault to contain the electron linear accelerator, and a cryogenic compressor building. TRIUMF starts construction of a 300 keV thermionic gun, and 10 MeV Injector cryomodule (EINJ) in 2012; the designs being complete. The 25 MeV Accelerator Cryomodule (EACA) follows in autumn 2013. TRIUMF is embarking on major equipment purchases and has signed contracts for 4K cryogenic plant and four sub-atmospheric pumps, a 290 kW c.w. klystron and high-voltage power supply, 80 quadrupole magnets, EINJ tank and lid, and four 1.3 GHz niobium 9-cell cavities from a local Canadian supplier. The low energy beam transport and beam diagnotics are being installed at the ISAC-II/VECC test facility. Procurement is anticipated October 2012 for the liquid He distribution system.  
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