Author: Khan, V.F.
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MOPB043 Detailed Analysis of the Long-Range Wakefield in the Baseline Design of the CLIC Main Linac 270
  • V.F. Khan, A. Grudiev
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  The baseline design for the accelerating structure of the CLIC main linac relies on strong damping of transverse higher order modes (HOMs). Each accelerating cell is equipped with four damping waveguides that enables HOM energy to propagate to damping loads. Most of the HOMs decay exponentially with a Q-factor of about 10 however, there are modes with higher Q-factors. Though the amplitude of the high Q modes is nearly two orders of magnitude smaller than the dominating lowest dipole mode, their cumulative effect over the entire bunch train may be significant and dilute the beam emittance to unacceptable level. In this paper we report on an accurate calculation of the long-range wakefield and its overall effect on beam dynamics. We also discuss possible measures to minimise its effect in a tapered structure.