Author: Kester, O.K.
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MOPB098 Planning for Experimental Demonstration of Transverse Emittance Transfer at the GSI UNILAC through Eigen-Emittance Shaping 404
  • C. Xiao, O.K. Kester
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • L. Groening
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  The minimum transverse emittances achievable in a beam line are determined by the two transverse eigen-emittances of the beam. For vanishing interplane correlations they are equal to the transverse rms-emittances. Eigen-emittances are constants of motion for all symplectic beam line elements, i.e. (even tilted) linear elements. To allow for rms-emittance transfer, the eigen-emittances are changed by a non-symplectic action to the beam, preferably preserving the 4d-rms-emittance. Unlike emittance swapping the presented concept will allow transforming a beam of equal rms-emittances into a beam of different rms-emittances while preserving the 4d-rms-emittance. This contribution will introduce the concept for eigen-emittance shaping and rms-emittance transfer at an ion linac. The actual work status towards the experimental demonstration of the concept at the GSI UNILAC is presented.