Author: Hofmann, I.
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THPB006 Post Acceleration of Laser-generated Proton Bunches by a CH-DTL 852
  • A. Almomani, M. Droba, I. Hofmann, U. Ratzinger
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  Laser driven proton beam sources applying the TNSA process show interesting features in terms of energy and proton number per bunch. This makes them attractive as injectors into RF linacs at energies as high as 10 MeV or beyond. The combination shows attractive features like a very high particle number in a single bunch from the source and the flexibility and reliability of the rf linac to match the needs of a specified application. The approach aims on a very short matching section from the source target into the rf linac by one pulsed solenoid lens only. A crossbar H-type (CH - structure) is suggested because of its high acceleration gradient and efficiency at these beam energies. It is intended to realize the first cavity of the proposed CH - linac and to demonstrate the acceleration of a laser generated proton bunch within the LIGHT collaboration at GSI Darmstadt. Detailed beam and field simulations will be presented.