Author: Hoeltermann, H.
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THPB007 A Pulsed Linac Front-end for ADS Applications 855
  • U. Ratzinger, H. Podlech, A. Schempp, K. Volk
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • U. Hagen, O. Heid, T.J.S. Hughes
    Siemens AG, Erlangen, Germany
  • H. Hoeltermann
    BEVATECH OHG, Offenbach/Main, Germany
  Quite a number of projects worldwide develop proton driver linacs for neutron sources and other accelerator driven systems. One trend is to use a high duty factor and superconducting cavities as much as possible. Alternatively, one can aim on short duty factor and count on a continuing rapid development of pulsed rf amplifiers based on power transistor technology. A 500 mA, 5 % duty factor layout of a proton injector is presented, consisting of a filament driven volume ion source, of a 150 keV transport section and of a 4 m long 162 MHz RFQ up to 2 MeV beam energy. Beam dynamics results as well as the technical design will be shown.