Author: Henderson, S.
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Status of Fermilab Project X  
  • S. Nagaitsev, S. Henderson
    Fermilab, Batavia, USA
  Project X, a high-power proton facility, will support world-leading programs in long base line neutrino physics, the physics of rare processes, and nuclear studies. It will be unique among accelerator facilities worldwide in its flexibility to support multiple physics programs simultaneously with MW class beams at the intensity frontier. Project X is based on a 3 GeV continuous-wave superconducting H linac. Further acceleration to 8 GeV, and injection into Fermilab's existing Recycler/Main Injector complex, will support long-baseline neutrino experiments. Project X will provide ~3 MW of total beam power to the 3 GeV program, simultaneously with ≥ 2 MW to a neutrino production target at 60-120 GeV. This talk will describe the Reference Design of Project X and status of the R&D program.  
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