Author: Gubarev, V.
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MOPB012 First RF Measurement Results for the European XFEL SC Cavity Production 195
  • A.A. Sulimov, P.B. Borowiec, V. Gubarev, J. Iversen, D. Kostin, G. Kreps, K. Krzysik, A. Matheisen, W.-D. Möller, D. Reschke, W. Singer
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  The first reference cavities (RCV) for the European XFEL Project are being tested within the collaboration of Research Instruments (RI), E. ZANON, IFJ-PAN and DESY: - production and warm RF measurements of cavities and their components at RI and ZANON; - surface preparation at DESY; - cold RF tests at DESY by IFJ-PAN. Purpose of the RCV is to establish a stable cavity fabrication and qualification of the surface preparation infrastructure at industry. All necessary RF measurements were done, starting with mechanical fabrication in 2011, till the tuning and cold cavity RF tests in 2012. We present the first results of RF measurements within RCV production for the European XFEL.  
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