Author: Fong, K.
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MOPB026 TRIUMF/VECC e-Linac Injector Beam Test 231
  • R.E. Laxdal, F. Ames, Y.-C. Chao, K. Fong, C. Gong, A. Laxdal, M. Marchetto, W.R. Rawnsley, S. Saminathan, V.A. Verzilov, Q. Zheng, V. Zvyagintsev
    TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada
  • J.M. Abernathy, D. Karlen, D.W. Storey
    Victoria University, Victoria, B.C., Canada
  • A. Chakrabarti, V. Naik
    VECC, Kolkata, India
  TRIUMF is collaborating with VECC on the design of a 10 MeV injector cryomodule to be used as a front end for a high intensity electron linac. A electron gun and low energy beam transport (LEBT) have been installed in a test area to act as the injector for the cryomodule test. The LEBT includes a wide variety of diagnostics to fully characterize the beam from the gun. A series of beam tests are being conducted during the stage installation. The test configuration details and results of beam tests will be presented.