Author: Deng, C.D.
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MOPB023 Progress on the Design and Construction of the 100 MeV / 100 kW Electron Linac for the NSC KIPT Neutron Source 222
  • S. Pei, J. Cao, Y.L. Chi, B. Deng, C.D. Deng, H.S. Guo, D.Y. He, X. He, M. Hou, X.C. Kong, Q. Le, X. Li, J. Liu, R.L. Liu, W.B. Liu, K. Lv, C. Ma, H.Z. Ma, G. Pei, H. Song, L. Wang, S.H. Wang, X. Wang, Q. Yang, J. Yue, J.R. Zhang, F. Zhao, J.B. Zhao, J.X. Zhao, Z.S. Zhou
    IHEP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  • M.I. Ayzatskiy, I.M. Karnaukhov, V.A. Kushnir, V.V. Mytrochenko, A.Y. Zelinsky
    NSC/KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine
  • Y. Gohar
    ANL, Argonne, USA
  IHEP in China is designing and constructing a 100 MeV / 100 kW electron linac for NSC KIPT, which will be used as the driver of a neutron source based on a subcritical assembly. Recently, the physical design has been finalized. The chicane scheme instead of the RF chopper one has been selected. The mechanical design is on-going and will be finished in the very near future. The injector part of the machine has been installed in the experimental hall #2 of IHEP and is being commissioned and tested. The progress on the machine design and construction are reported, initial testing and commissioning results of the injector are also presented.