Author: Davids, B.
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FR1A04 In Flight Ion Separation using a Linac Chain 1059
  • M. Marchetto, F. Ames, B. Davids, R.E. Laxdal, A.C. Morton
    TRIUMF, Vancouver, Canada
  The ISAC accelerator complex now can accelerate radioactive heavy ion beams to above the Coulomb Barrier. Recently an ECR type charge state booster has been added to allow the acceleration of radioactive beams with masses A>30. A characteristic of the ECR source is the efficient ionization of background species that can overwhelm the low intensity RIB beam. The long linac chain at ISAC can be used to provide some in flight separation both in time domain and in spatial domain analogous to fragment separators at in-flight fragmentation facilities. The talk will summarize the work done at TRIUMF to develop tools to aid in the filtration and diagnosis of beam purity in the post acceleration of charge bred beams. Marco Marchetto has been leading this effort.  
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