Author: D'Auria, G.
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WE1A03 Application of X-band Linacs 724
  • G. D'Auria
    ELETTRA, Basovizza, Italy
  Since the late 80’s the development of Normal Conducting (NC) X-band technology for particle accelerators has made significant progress and has witnessed tremendous growth. The driving force behind this technological development has been, and is, the interest of the scientific community in the construction of a Multi-TeV e+e Linear Collider at a reasonable size and cost. The use of the X-band frequency allows for a much higher accelerating gradient per meter, when compared to the S and C bands. SLAC, with a major contribution from KEK, has been pioneering this development since the late 80’s in the framework of the NLC/JLC projects. Later, in 2007, the same technology was chosen by CERN for CLIC, the 12 GHz Linear Collider based on the Two-Beam Acceleration (TBA) concept. In addition to these applications, X-band technology is also rapidly expanding in the field of X-ray FELs and other photon sources where it shows great potential. Here, a selection of X-band projects as well as the main applications of this technology at different international laboratories, is reported. The paper also includes a brief report on X-band medical and industrial applications.  
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