Author: Constance, B.
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MOPB003 Recent Improvements to the Control of the CTF3 High-Current Drive Beam 180
  • B. Constance, R. Corsini, D. Gamba, P. Skowroński
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  In order to demonstrate the feasibility of the CLIC multi-TeV linear collider option, the drive beam complex at the CLIC Test Facility (CTF3) at CERN is providing high-current electron pulses for a number of related experiments. By means of a system of electron pulse compression and bunch frequency multiplication, a fully loaded, 120 MeV linac is used to generate 140 ns electron pulses of around 30 Amperes. Subsequent deceleration of this high-current drive beam demonstrates principles behind the CLIC acceleration scheme, and produces 12 GHz RF power for experimental purposes. As the facility has progressed toward routine operation, a number of studies aimed at improving the drive beam performance have been carried out. Additional feedbacks, automated steering programs, and improved control of optics and dispersion have contributed to a more stable, reproducible drive beam with consequent benefits for the experiments.