Author: Christou, C.
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MOPB016 In-situ Measurement of Beam-induced Fields in the S-band Accelerating Structures of the Diamond Light Source linac 204
  • C. Christou
    Diamond, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
  The Diamond pre-injector linac uses two 5.2 m DESY linac II-type accelerating structures to generate a 100 MeV electron beam suitable for injection into the booster synchrotron. The structures are powered independently by two high-power S-band klystrons and are designed to operate at 3 GHz. Higher order modes up to 14 GHz induced by beam in unpowered accelerating and bunching structures have been directly measured using directional couplers in the high-power waveguide network. These modes are compared with an electromagnetic simulation of the structures. The negative impact of higher-order wakes on the bunch trains used at Diamond is considered, and the use of the multipole field measurement for alignment of the beam to the structure is investigated.  
THPB073 Initial RF Tests of the Diamond S-Band Photocathode Gun 1002
  • C. Christou, S.A. Pande
    Diamond, Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
  An S-band photocathode electron gun designed to operate at repetition rates up to 1 kHz CW has been designed at Diamond and manufactured at FMB*. The first test results of this gun are presented. Low-power RF measurements have been carried out to verify the RF design of the gun, and high-power conditioning and RF test has begun. Initial high power tests have been carried out at 5 Hz repetition rate using the S-band RF plant normally used to power the Diamond linac: the benefits and limitations of this approach are considered, together with plans for further testing.
* J. H. Han et al, NIM A 647(2011) 17-24