Author: Chen, J.E.
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TUPB034 A Helium Injector for Coupled RFQ and SFRFQ Cavity Project at Peking University 552
  • S.X. Peng, J. Chen, J.E. Chen, S.L. Gao, Z.Y. Guo, P.N. Lu, H.T. Ren, Z. Wang, Y. Xu, J. Zhao
    PKU/IHIP, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  A new acceleration structure named as coupled RFQ and SFRFQ cavity is under design at Peking University (PKU). A pulsed He+ beam injector will be needed to transport 30 keV 20 mA He+ beam with a factor of 1/6, pulse width of 1 ms and normalized rms emittance less than 0.15 π{·}mm{·}mrad for this composited type cavity. Based on the experimental results obtained on the PKU LEBT test bench, a 1.16 m long two-solenoid type low energy beam transport (LEBT) line was developed. In this paper we will address the 30 keV He+ ion beam transportation experiment results on the test bench as well as the specific design on the helium injector.