Author: Chauvin, N.
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FR1A02 Light Ion ECR Sources State of the Art for Linacs 1055
  • R. Gobin
    CEA/IRFU, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • N. Chauvin, O. Delferrière, O. Tuske, D. Uriot
    CEA/DSM/IRFU, France
  Since the middle of the 90’s development of high intensity light ion injectors are undertaken at CEA-Saclay. The first 100 mA proton beam has been produced by the SILHI ECR source in the framework of the IPHI project. Ever since, more than 100 mA of protons or deuteron beams, with high purities, have been regularly produced in pulsed or continuous mode, and with very good beam characteristics analyzed in dedicated beam diagnostics. CEA-Saclay is currently involved in several high intensity LINAC projects such as Spiral2, IFMIF-EVEDA and FAIR, and is in charge of their source and LEBT design and construction. This article reports the latest developments and experimental results carried out at CEA-Saclay for the 3 projects. In addition, a review of the developments and beam results performed in other laboratories worldwide will be also presented.  
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THPB034 Status of the FAIR 70 MeV Proton Linac 927
  • L. Groening, W.A. Barth, R. Berezov, G. Clemente, P. Forck, R. Hollinger, A. Krämer, C. Mühle, J. Pfister, G. Schreiber, J. Trüller, W. Vinzenz, C. Will
    GSI, Darmstadt, Germany
  • N. Chauvin, O. Delferrière, O. Tuske
    CEA/IRFU, Gif-sur-Yvette, France
  • B. Koubek, H. Podlech, U. Ratzinger, A. Schempp, R. Tiede
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • B. Launé, J. Lesrel
    IPN, Orsay, France
  • C.S. Simon
    CEA/DSM/IRFU, France
  To provide the primary proton beam for the FAIR anti-proton research program, a 70 MeV, 70 mA linac is currently under design & construction at GSI. The nc machine comprises an ECR source, a 3 MeV RFQ, and a DTL based on CH-cavities. Up to 36 MeV pairs of rf-coupled cavities (CCH) are used. A prototype cavity has been built and is prepared for high power rf-testing. An overview of the status as well as on the perspectives of the project is given.