Author: Cavalier, S.
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MOPB013 Experimental Results on the PHIL Photo-injector Test Stand at LAL 198
  • R. Roux, F. Blot, J. Brossard, C. Bruni, S. Cavalier, J-N. Cayla, V. Chaumat, M. El Khaldi, A. Gonnin, P. Lepercq, E.N. Mandag, B. Mercier, H. Monard, C. Prevost, V. Soskov, A. Variola
    LAL, Orsay, France
  Since the first beam in November 2009 of the alphaX S-band RF gun, upgrades of the beamline have been carried out. Several YAG screens based transverse dimensions monitors have been installed as well as supplementary charge diagnostics. We will present a detailed experimental characterization of the RF gun performances such as emittance measurement using a solenoid scan and energy spread as a function of the RF phase. Most of the accelerator operation and experimental results have been carried out with a copper photo-cathode. PHIL being a test stand for photo-injectors, we have also tested a magnesium photo-cathode with the aim of higher charge per bunch thanks to its higher quantum efficiency. We will report on the results of this experiment. In May 2012, a new RF gun, the PHIN gun, will be installed. This gun which is also a S-band 2,5 cells is a copy of the one that LAL built for the CLIC Test Facility 3 at CERN. In the future, we plan to use this gun to produce a high charge up to 10nC with CsTe photo-cathodes introduced in the gun from a UHV transfer chamber. Preliminary tests and measurements of the beam produced by this gun with a copper photo-cathode will be presented.