Author: Bechtold, A.
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THPB047 Test RFQ for the MAX Project 960
  • M. Vossberg, H. Klein, H. Podlech, A. Schempp, C. Zhang
    IAP, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • A. Bechtold
    NTG Neue Technologien GmbH & Co KG, Gelnhausen, Germany
  As a part of the MAX project it will be demonstrated by simulations and thermal measurements, that a 4-rod-RFQ is the right choice even at cw-operation. A 4-rod Test-RFQ with a resonance frequency of 175 MHz has been designed and built for the MAX-Project. But the RFQ had to be modified to solve the cooling problem at cw-operation, the geometrical precision had to be improved as well as the rf-contacts. The developments led to a new layout and a sophisticated production procedure of the stems and the electrodes. Calculations show an improved Rp-value leading to powerlosses of ca. 25 kW/m only, which is about half of the powerlosses which could be achieved safely at cw-operation of the similar Saraf-RFQ. Thermal measurements and simulations with the single components are in progress. The temperature distribution in cw-operation will be measured and the rf-performance checked.